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Six years ago, after years of research to identify and characterize the scientific basis for adjuvant activity, CytRx Corporation released a research adjuvant, TiterMax®. It was originally designed to meet the specific needs of investigators for an immunoadjuvant that was at least as effective as Freunds Complete Adjuvant, but safer and easier to use. In 1996, CytRx Corporation released a new and improved water-in-oil adjuvant, TiterMax® Gold, which is now available for purchase.

The key to the potency of TiterMax Gold lies in both the immunostimulatory activity of its new block copolymer, CRL-8300, and its ability to form a stable water-in-oil emulsion. TiterMax Gold can be used with a wide variety of antigens which can be entrapped in a water-in-oil emulsion. Like TiterMax Classic, TiterMax Gold does not contain mineral oil, proteins, polysaccharides or other microbial products, thereby minimizing or eliminating the undesirable side effects caused by Freunds Complete Adjuvant.

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