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The company offers a myriad of biological's and biochemical's to Life Science researchers and clinicians providing products from virtually all of the World’s most renowned international manufacturers. Delivery is timely and all products are stored, received, and shipped at appropriate required temperatures. Employees work closely with both customers and suppliers offering a personalized and comprehensive experience to reflect the core value that customers are of the utmost importance. By providing a gateway to over two million global reagents, customers have the advantage of freight consolidation and the convenience and cost savings inherent within.

  • Antibodies – CD markers, cytokines, complement and hemostasis proteins, secondary etc.
  • Cell separation solutions
  • Lympholyte® cell separation media
  • Lympholyte® PURE cell enrichment kits NEW
  • Complement
  • Immunocolumns -non-magnetic for negative cell selection
  • FLAER –for PNH testing
  • Neuronal Cell Lines (CELLutions Biosystems Inc.)
  • Proteins and enzymes –including NGF and O-Sialoglycoprotein Endopeptidase
  • Assay kits – ELISA, ELISPOT etc.

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