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Plastics One knows well the importance of front-line neuroscience preclinical research practiced by scientists worldwide. From infusion cannulas and electro physiology systems to optogenetic components and invivo research necessities.

We offer:
Infusion Systems are custom made for short term and chronic infusion studies of small and larger animals, these implanted cannulas deliver drugs, crystals, fluids and fiber optics to specific sites in the brain.

Electrode Systems used for intra cranial, extra-cranial, and subcutaneous electrical studies to record, stimulate, create muscle lesion, and measure EKG/EMG of small and larger animals, our custom made electrodes are available in stainless steel or MRI-compatible material.

As one of the most recent research methods spanning both science and engineering, optogenetics combines genetics and optics (light) to target, control, and evaluate brain circuit function and dysfunction within cells by delivering light deeply into freely moving animals.

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