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Below is a list of BIOSCI agencies and leading suppliers to the Australian and New Zealand pathology and research institutions.

  • Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd

    The company offers a myriad of biological's and biochemical's to Life Science researchers and clinicians providing products from virtually all of the World’s most renowned international manufacturers.

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  • Empire Genomics

  • GenHunter Corp.

    GenHunter Corporation was founded in 1992, the year when differential display was invented, to provide the biomedical research community easy access to the technology.

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  • GenLantis

    Genlantis designs, develops and commercializes biological reagents for life scientists worldwide.

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  • Jena Bioscience GMBH

    Since the start up, the company has evolved into an established global reagent supplier with more than 7500 products on stock and a customer base in 50+ countries

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  • ProteinOne

    ProteinOne is a development stage biotechnology company doing business in Bethesda Maryland, USA.

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  • QuickZyme Biosciences B.V.

    QuickZyme biosciences builds on a long experience of research on proteolytic enzymes and assays in the field of coagulation, fibrinolysis, tumor biology and bone- and cartilage degradation and has distinguished pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies as its customers.

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  • Toronto Research Chemicals

    Toronto Research Chemicals, TRC was founded in 1982 to manufacture and supply researchers in the biomedical fields with specialized complex organic small molecules not otherwise commercially available.

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  • Xenometrix AG

    Xenometrix is a company specialized in the production, distribution and service of bioassays, such as mutagenicity test systems,

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  • Elabscience

    Elabscience Biotechnology Co.,Ltd(Elabscience) is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology. It offers more than 20,000 products, including ELISA kits, CLIA kits, Antibodies, and Proteins.

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