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GenHunter Corporation was founded in 1992, the year when differential display was invented, to provide the biomedical research community easy access to the technology. With expert experiences from the inventor, GenHunter Corporation continues to improve, streamline and perfect a complete line of research products centered around the mRNA Differential Display technology covered by U.S. Patents 5,262,311; 5,599,672; 5,665,547; 5,965,409 and other pending patents. GenHunter Corporation has been the exclusive licensee for the manufacturing and marketing of differential display reagent business. Our intensive research and development, highest quality assurance, and expert technical support has established GenHunter as the world leader in differential display technology.

  • Differential displays
  • Kits and services
  • Northern blot
  • Probes and reverse Northern blots
  • PCR product cloning and sequencing
  • RNA isolation, cleaning and quantification

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